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I am gasern. I've have been producing music as a hobby for 10 years now. The genres are mainly House, but also minimal and electronic.

Im still not signed, but hope to arouse somebodys interest some day. You will be able to follow my work in here, and listen to the latest music im releasing. I will anounce my ongoing projects, even though it might not be released.

So be my guest, and visit me once in a while to listen to my latest work.

I would love to make some cooperation,so if you have the same passion for house music, and has some experience in making music - send me a message

See you out there..

Visit me out there..

Latest News

Dear Evelyn

Just a little A tribute to my precious newborn daughter. She was born on May 27th, 2013. The most beautiful girl in the world.Download it for free here

>> The Journey << arrived

Just a little trip i made for my dear fans - Remember to download a copy Download it for free here

Moments is also on & Juno download

Those small moments in life that are essential

My chart is updated

I have updated my chart under, About me with my most played hits currently. Take a look..

Latest track

Copenhagen Night

If I should describe a night out with sounds, it would properly sound a bit like this. Prepare, unleash, conquer and then go home.. :)

DOWNLOAD - follow this link to soundcloud : Gasern - Copenhagen Night

Body Language

I finally managed to create a more techy track. I think it one of the best production from me so far. The tempo and sounds match me very well - and i think im touching a piece from my creativity that i want to stick with for a while.

By the way - You're able to download this goodie

Got to be

Its weird, the last couple of times when i have started up a project, i have had an idea, of a more techy track. But i have ended up falling in love with the synths, and before i realize it, i have ended up with some strong melodies. Well im pretty happy for this new baby. Hope you enjoy it as much as i do.

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